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Market Action is the official distributor of Mimy Orthopedics TM on the Benelux market.

We stand open to national and international cooperation and believe our high quality, high margin and highly competitive product is a valuable addition to the portfolio of footwear brands presented in your shop. 

Elegant models for girls and sporty models for boys are produced of high quality materials. Comfortable pre-formed inner soles with leather top layer, leather lining, high quality natural rubber soles with patented air-system and anti-shock speak for the high quality and guarantee correct development of children feet. Despite the presence of "Orthopedics" in the name of the Mimy trademark, our children footwear is intended for every child. With the focus on prevention (rather than treatment) and correct development of children feet, the design of Mimy Orthopedics footwear is rooted in the knowledge about children feet' needs at every stage of child's development.  

We believe in long-term relationships with the end consumer from his/her first steps, through the kindergarten, until the first years of the primary school. Produced in sizes 18-30, the assortment of MimyOrthopedics includes boots and high boots, shoes and sneakers, and sandals.

As you know, a very important role in sales belongs to your shop-consultants. We are ready to share our knowledge about Mimy Orthopedics brand and its competitive advantages in order to train your staff and help you building long-term relationships with your clients. Besides, we will advise you on rules of merchandising and shop planning, and provide you with information materials for clients of your shop about Mimy Orthopedics.


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